Bath Bomb - Himalayan with Mag Flakes

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Relax in a bath with our natural bath bombs. These Himalayan salt bath bombs are bigger than our standard bath bombs. Scented with essential oils, and coloured with himalayan salt, they include shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise your skin.

These are now available with a rose quartz, amethyst or agate crystal.

We will also give you a small pouch of magnesium chloride flakes to use with your bath bomb.

From July, bath bombs will come in a biodegradable plastic bag instead of shrink wrap.

 INGREDIENTS: Sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), citric acid (non GMO citric acid), himalayan salt (sodium chloride), natural epsom salt (magnesium sulphate), cream of tartar (), shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoa oil, essential oils (lavender & rose geranium), tapioca starch and botanicals (lavender, rose geranium & calendula).

 WEIGHT: 280g


 * While we have some bath bombs in stock, some will need to be made to order. Please allow an extra two days for this. You will be notified via email if there is a delay.

* These products contain essential oils - Please check with your medical professional prior to using if pregnant, have any health concerns or using with children.