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    Select from our range of bath and body products, including bath bombs, bath salts, natural deodorant and more.

    19 products
    Bath Bomb (Single)
    Bath Salts
    from $5.95
    Body Balm
    Body Oil
    Coconut Bath Milk
    from $24.95 Regular price $28.95 Save $4
    Soapy Butter Co natural deodorant
    from $4.95
    Exfoliating Body Brush
    from $15.95
    Face Mask
    from $9.95
    Soapy Butter Co natural lip balm
    Lip Balm 5gm
    Liquid Soap
    Soapy Butter Co natural magnesium flakes
    Magnesium Flakes
    from $14.95
    Magnesium Gel
    Soapy Butter Co Melbourne magnesium oil spray trigger
    Magnesium Oil
    from $6.95
    Organic Cotton Body Cloth
    Sale price $25.00 Regular price $35.00 Save $10
    Himalayan Salt Natural Body Scrub Soapy Butter Co
    Salt Body Scrub
    Shampoo Bar
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