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Gee, Thanks.


We could regale you with tales of exotic travel destinations, vision quests, and secret recipes handed down by grandmother.


But the truth, like our product range, is a bit more straightforward.


We are a customer focused, family owned business with a combined 45 year background in IT, construction, manufacturing and management. Like most people we were regularly exposed to a toxic environment.


In 2015 the all too common family health scare led us to investigate the deodorant, soap and body products we applied to our skin. We discovered ingredients we recognised from the construction industry.


The next day we launched Soapy Butter Co !!




Wow. That’s fantastic!



Our design philosophy is simple. Our products must be safe, effective and beautiful. Everything is made by us!


We support local producers wherever possible by using award winning extra virgin olive oil, along with beautiful raw honey. Our activated charcoal is medicinal grade, 100% coconut husks. The mineral salts are purchased from our importer who sources food grade salt from Pakistan, Germany and Israel. We use natural epsom salts, not manufactured. Our sodium bicarbonate is food grade, and our citric acid is non-GMO.


Our products are palm oil free. While we focus primarily on essential oils and natural clays, we do also use child friendly fragrant oils and skin safe colours in our fragrant soap range.

Our entire range is certified Australian Made. We are fully insured, and NICNAS registered. All suppliers are within Australia so we can support other like minded businesses.



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We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us through the web site here or on Facebook or Instagram.



We have a strong commitment to supplying the highest quality products using the finest, locally sourced ingredients. This necessitates an occasional adjustment in our pricing.
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