Magnesium Oil

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Our concentrated magnesium oil is scented with essential oils. Massage in 3-4 sprays directly onto the skin. Magnesium is known to assist with the following:

  • joint pain & migraine
  • muscle cramps & soreness
  • sports recovery & performance
  • sleep
  • reduce skin oiliness
  • stress
  • high blood pressure

Choose from one of the following essential oil blends:

  • ROSE - rose geranium, lavender, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, cedarwood & chamomile (not suitable for children under 2)
  • SPORT - peppermint, wintergreen & menthol (not suitable for children under 12)
  • LAVENDER - lavender & chamomile
  • FRAGRANCE FREE - no essential oils

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium chloride, distilled water, essentials oils

WEIGHT: 250ml (spray or trigger), 50ml (spray only)

Avoid contact with eyes. You may experience tingling once applied. Rinse with water if this occurs. Distilled water may be added to dilute the magnesium oil. 

* These products contain essential oils - Please check with your medical professional prior to using if pregnant, have any health concerns or using with children.